Lossy, Flexible, Foam Microwave Absorber

Eccosorb LS is the most widely known, used, and recommended polyurethane foam absorber. Eccosorb LS obtains its microwave properties via impregnation with a carbon black dispersion and is therefore electrically conductive. It is a very low cost solution for many applications over the thinner, more expensive rubber absorbers.

• Flexible, foam material
• High loss, low density
• Very low cost

• Commercial Telecom
• Test Boxes
• Security and Defense

• Eccosorb LS is used to lower cavity Q’s in RF amplifiers, oscillators, cabinets containing microwave devices, computer housings, LNB’s and isolation of antennas by insertion loss.
• Eccosorb LS is also used to reduce surface currents on radiating elements and outer ground-plane type surfaces.
• Reflectivity of an object (metal or otherwise) can be reduced somewhat by applying one or more layers of Eccosorb LS to its surface.

• Standard sheets are 610mm x 610mm (24”x24”).
• Standard thicknesses are 3.2 mm (1/8”), 6.4 mm (1/4”), 9.5 mm (3/8”), 12.7 mm (1/2”), 19.1 mm (3/4”).
• All Eccosorb LS types can be delivered in special sizes or customer specified configurations upon request. This includes die-cut and kiss cut parts to reduce installation labor by allowing quick assembly.
• Usually Eccosorb LS is supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive.
• Upon special request, Eccosorb LS can be supplied with an anti-dust coating to prevent carbon fallout.
• It can also be supplied, upon request, with a coating to prevent moisture uptake in high humidity to moderately wet environments.

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